MULTICRACKER uses revolutionary technology for effectively crushing bulk goods by a method of grinding with special Multicracker discs. It combines innovation and efficiency in one machine and can reduce power consumption. On average it takes just 1 kW of energy per tonne of material.

The use of cutting-edge crushing technology where raw materials are precisely cut, is what makes this machine so versatile and efficient, whether breaking up cereals and mixed products for the foodstuffs and animal feed industry or breaking / flaking oilseed for the plant oil industry.

Any free-flowing media can be crushed, no matter the moisture level or oil/fat content of the medium. The Multicracker technology does not use screens, allowing the work with wet materials.

The fact that the material only spends a short time in contact with the grinding process has the following advantages: there is no loss of nutritional value through heating.

6 Reasons to choose Multicracker Think all mills are much the same? Then it's time to learn how Multicracker is changing the game.

Save Energy

Multicracker Mills consume just~ 1 kW per ton of regrind.   That is an 80 percent energy saving when compared to conventional hammer or roller mills.

Save Maintenance

Innovative shredding design means that the maintenance costs are much lower than conventional mills, with wear costs in the range of 0.15 cents per tonne.

Preserve Input Quality

Multicracker’s patented cold cut means no heating of the input material, ensuring the gentle, efficient processing of valuable raw materials. For brewers, distilleries, pharmaceuticals and food processors heat from roller or hammer mills can adversely impact on the quality of their finished product.

Homogeneous regrind

Narrow grain size distribution and reduced dust generation compared to conventional grinding processes

Save Mess

Dust Proof and Fully Sealed Mills available  for wet grinding and cleaning-in-place possible

Small but Mighty

Small dimensions and mass with high throughput volume

Diverse Applications

Contemporary Design.

Every industry has its own unique demands.  In agriculture, energy costs and maintenance requirements are big considerations.  For brewers and food processors low millbase heating is non-negotiable, and for pharmaceuticals and chemical industries, the capacity to process the mixed feed of wet and dry inputs are essential.  

Diverse Products

With capacities from 3.5 to 120 tons/hour

Multicracker machines are available in several models, which allows choosing the most suitable device for individual customer needs, starting from the smallest models -MC4 intended for farmer use, to stainless steel models for the food industry, to powerful applications with capacities from 25 to as much as 120 t/h.